Autodesk Inventor Learning Path

Become a Proficient Inventor User Complete the following 4 courses

Level: Beginner

Essential Training

Learn all basics using the variety of tools in Autodesk Inventor sketch, parts, assembly, and drawing environment. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Inventor is required.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Advanced Part Training

Learn all advanced topics in Autodesk Inventor part environment and learn how to create complex parts. You will learn many advanced topics such as advanced sketching, 3D sketching, advanced curve, sketch block, sweep tool, loft tool, fillet, sketch based feature, modification tools, multibody part design, parameters, and so on.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Advanced Assembly Training

Learn all advanced topics in Autodesk Inventor assembly and learn how to handle complex assembly efficiently. You will learn advanced topics such as top-down design method, Advanced relationships Relationship management, Positioning components, Assembly components handling, Assembly evaluation, Content Center, Assembly Representations, Assembly Simplification, View Appearance, Bill of Materials, and so on.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Advanced Drawing Training

Learn all advanced topics in Autodesk Inventor drawings and learn advanced topics such as advanced view, modified advanced view, advanced features in view, working with dimension, annotation, working with table, drawing resources and so on.

Become an Advanced Autodesk Inventor User Complete all previous courses + the following 2 courses

Level: Intermediate

Sheet Metal Training

Learn how to design a sheet metal product.You will learn all essential and advanced features such as Sheetmetal rules, Working with flange tools, Folding and Bending, Unfold rules, Bend and Corner settings, Sheetmetal modification, Flat pattern, Convert to sheetmetal, Sheet Metal Multibody, Sheetmetal punch, Sheet Metal Drawing and so on.
Level: Intermediate

Weldment Training

Learn how to design a welded product.You will learn how to create a structural member, how to work with weldment workflows, 3D sketching, Frame Generator, Weldment – Preparation, Weld & Machining, Weldment Drawing, Custom Weld profile and so on.

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