Webinar for Design professions

How to become a SolidWorks Expert within 90 days and earn up to $ 160k/year

Start your new career in the most demanded field in the world. Let’s go with us!

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At the webinar, you will learn:

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Who conducts the online master class

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Asif Ahmed

Certified SolidWorks Expert
Lead Design Engineer
Best Selling Author

You are the right person

Webinar for those who:

We give a 99% guarantee that you are the kind of person who can make good money with SolidWorks skill, even if you have no design experience.


If you are looking for a high-paying mechanical design profession

Become a qualified high-paying mechanical designer/engineer. Ideal profession for freelancers, students, graduates, hobbyist, and people from other professions who want to switch career. 


If you want to learn how to design any simple or complex design in SolidWorks

Today’s design skill need to be not only fast, but also efficient and accurate. We will teach you how to design any model efficiently in SolidWorks without going through all kinds of complex models.


If you are looking to develop your SolidWorks skill from zero level to an expert level

Expert SolidWorks users get high priority in the job market and they get a high-paid job offer with less effort. We will teach you how to get SolidWorks certification within a few weeks. And how to become an absolute beast in SolidWorks within 12-16 weeks.

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