Start Complex Model design in Siemens NX within weeks

Skip years of trying to grow your Siemens NX skills through our proven step by step Siemens NX training

✔️ Trusted by 20,000+ Students

✔️ 97% students exam passing rate

✔️ 10,000+ Video Tutorials

4+ unique Full Length Courses

Start from scratch and become a pro Siemens NX User

25+ hours contents + practice projects

Learn every single tools, option and features in Siemens NX

Exclusive Private Community Help

No need to stuck in CAD, Ask any questions !!!

does this sounds familiar to you

Is Siemens NX learning always challenging?

All in One Siemens NX learning Solution

I was in your position 15 years back...

Landing the first job is always a challenging part for many engineers including me (Siemens NX Instructor). In 2003, when I enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to dedicate my career to the design field. Shortly I realized, there is a huge resource gap in the market. I had to pass through a very rough path to learn these CAD applications. Without any organized resources, it’s extremely time-consuming to learn this type of software. It took nearly 5 years to learn each trick, option, feature, and where to use those functions.

In my 15 years of job career life, I found the majority of people don’t have proper in-depth knowledge in a mechanical CAD program or the resource they used to learn these CAD applications, those training centers did not teach functions properly. In my first 3 jobs, I was selected just because I was extremely good at this CAD program. This tells that you are going to stand above others if you know this CAD application well. Nowadays, competition is extremely high. Just learning basic options in this CAD application is not enough to land a job. You have to be a Pro to stand above others in the job market.

So I founded the MCAD Skill organization where you will get full in-depth knowledge in Siemens NX using our step-by-step learning path.  I decided to help other engineers with very organized CAD resources, where all information will be available in the correct order.

This is a full complete Siemens NX learning package. After finishing this series, I can guarantee you that you will be in my position after 6 months whereas it took me 3 years to master Siemens NX.

Introducing you to the Siemens NX Learning Machine (NXLM)

How NXLM Training works

This program is all in one Siemens NX training solution. It offers a depth learning path to master in Siemens NX from absolute beginner level and become a pro Siemens NX user. Follow just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Learn Siemens NX

Learn everything in Siemens NX such as tools, option, features, design techniques, tricks etc.

Step 2: Design Practice

Go through our exercises, practice projects, assignments and design projects.

Step 3: Start designing

That's it! You are ready to start design in production environment.

✔️ Trusted by 20,000+ Students

✔️ 97% students exam passing rate

✔️ 10,000+ Video Tutorials

Cover all basics & advanced topics

Let's find out what's included in NXLM Program

In this program, we will discuss all essential tools, options, and features to make sure students are confident enough to start 3d product design in Siemens NX. This program is best for those who want to learn all Siemens NX basics, advanced knowledge, and want to become a pro Siemens NX user.  The following hot features are included in the package:


of video contents


HD video lectures


practice projects




SolidWorks essential and advanced Courses


Certification courses & mock exam

NXLM program is splitted into multiple courses to ensure you can follow entire Siemens NX training series one by one and track your progress on a daily basis.

Start Siemens NX Learning from absolute Zero

Siemens NX All Essential & Advanced Courses

Best for absolute beginners

Siemens NX - Essential Training

This training series will teach you all basics of Siemens NX from scratch. This course is best for those who don’t have any experience or little experience in Siemens NX.

Best for beginners/ intermediate users

Siemens NX - Advanced Sketch

This course will teach you how to deal with advanced sketch tools to create a complex sketch using the advanced sketching tools in Siemens NX. This course is best for beginners or intermediate users.

Best for beginners/ intermediate users

Siemens NX - Advanced Part

This course will teach you how to create complex parts using the advanced tools in Siemens NX. End of this course, you will be fully capable of using these tools and techniques to create your own complex 3D part.

Best for beginners/ intermediate users

Siemens NX - Advanced Assembly

This course will teach you how to create and manage complex assembly using the advanced assembly tools in Siemens NX. End of the course, you will be confident enough to handle large or complex assemblies.

Ask any questions

Access to exclusive private community

best training for solidworks

✔️ Trusted by 20,000+ Students

✔️ 97% students exam passing rate

✔️ 10,000+ Video Tutorials

Showcase your success

End of each course Achieve Certificate of Completion

Share Certificate on social media​

Access to verifiable certificates

Store certificate in the global network

Student Review

What Our Students Say...

I am an experienced FEA engineer who is trying to grow CAD skills. I was skeptical before taking this program. But it is very well constructed and solid program. What a great program it is !!! Explains everything in depth so that it can be easily understood by a beginner whilst using advanced techniques needed to be a professional.Private community and Instructor support are a hidden gem here and worth every penny. Initially I enrolled in standard plan. After 4 weeks I updated my plan to lifetime plan. Now I don’t have to chase against time anymore and lifetime community support is a great deal for me.
Laurie Kristy
Crash Test Analysis Engineer
As a student, it is very hard to find an affordable SolidWorks learning program. My university SolidWorks course teaches only basics which is not enough if you want to design something complex. Thank god I found MCAD Skill platform. This one SWLM program is enough to sharpen my SolidWorks skill. Asif always mentions all kinds of tips and tricks based on his practical design skill, which is a big deal.This program follows 3 steps. Learn, practice, and get certified. Crazy hot structured training program. Asif’s teaching style is clear and always on point in each lecture without spending too much time. Lectures are short like around 5 to 6 min. Easy to remember. Also, you will get a lot of assignments to verify what you learned.If you want an one-stop all in one learning solution for SolidWorks, enroll in this program, you are not going to regrate.
Marshall Martin
Undergraduate Student

Well, we are not done yet. These features are also included in NXLM training...

Exercise files

We follow the LEARNING BY DOING method, which means the end of each lecture, there is an exercise file will be available, which is used in that lecture.

Practice Projects

A lot of practice projects are available, where it shows step by step the model designing using various tools. These projects will give you an idea about the best practices to design any model.


A lot of fun assignments are available to test your knowledge. The assignment covers various sections in the course. These assignments will help you to think how to design independently.

HD Video Lectures

All of our lectures are made of HD 720p image resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) quality, which is the most popular size to watch in mobile devices, smart TV, or PC.

English Caption

All lecture includes video caption to ensure you don't miss any information and can follow the instructor without missing any word.

Access on mobile/TV

Our courses are mobile device and TV friendly. So you can learn from anywhere and It is not required to wait until you get back to the PC.

Certificate of Comp

End of each course, you can achieve a certificate of completion. The only requirement is you have to watch at least 90% of each lecture mandatory to get this certificate.

24/7 Online Support

If you have any technical issues or any questions related to any lecture, feel free to contact us. Our support team will be very happy to help.

New contents

Immediate access to all courses future course updates and new courses without any additional fees.

The best value Siemens NX Training on the market

All in one Siemens NX Training Unbeatable Training Cost

Total Value: $8,500+

✔️ Trusted by 20,000+ Students

✔️ 97% students exam passing rate

✔️ 10,000+ Video Tutorials

Best Selling author

About course author

Asif Ahmed is a successful design engineer, CAD Instructor, and blogger with 15 years of freelance and product design experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

These common questions will remove your confusions before enrolling in our program

The version depends on the course you are going to take. We offer different versions of each course. Please carefully check the version number mentioned in the course title.

We don’t offer refund options for self-paced training subscription plans. But we offer even better option. Before you enroll in any program, you can go through free preview lectures from any courses and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

No, MCAD Skill doesn’t offer Siemens NX licenses.  If you are a valid student, you will be able to get the Siemens NX student version for free.

Buy Siemens NX Student licence

No program shows you depth understanding of each tool, option, and feature, design a product step by step, real world design step by step. 

This is all in one Siemens NX program. This means you will get tutorials, practice projects, assignments, etc all in one place. And It will take you from the absolute beginner level and leave you as an expert Siemens NX user. 

Yes, absolutely. This program is designed in such a way that you will start from completely zero knowledge and with the help of our step-by-step training, you will reach a point where you will be able to call yourself an expert Siemens NX user.

  • Looking for overnight success and thinking to get a result within a week or two. Remember, if anyone says, “I will teach you SolidWorks, within a day or within a week and you will be a proficient SolidWorks user.”. That’s a lie. This is not gonna happen. 
  • Looking to be spoon fed (you ONLY do what’s covered in a program).
  • You don’t have a job (unless you have lots of money saved up where you can comfortably join the program. You’re not gonna get far if you’re under pressure).
  • You’re in debt (join the program later once you’re out of it).
  • You want to put the minimum amount of work to get the maximum results.
  • You understand that this requires hard work and patience to get the right skills. 
  • You understand that you’re not going to get any results overnight.
  • If you’re joining because you want to make money fast, leave now. This course is about developing core skills that will stay with you a lifetime and will be the foundation for your success for years to come.
  • You’re someone that believes in taking action. You watch the material and then you actually apply it.
  • You have an open mind. You’re open to thinking about money in a different way. 
  • You’re open to earning a living from 3d designing in Autodesk Inventor without needing a bajillion years of experience.
  • 5-10 hours a week will make you good and that’s the least effort required to go through this program.
  • 10-20 hours a week will make you great.
  • 20-30 hours a week will make you a legend.

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